1. Things That I HATE!

    So I talked about music that I love so now I am going to talk about things that I hate! Get the correlation? Hahahaha Idk. So these are the five things that I hate right now! Here it goes!

    1. Dirt Road Anthem By Jason Aldean This song is seriously one of the worst songs I have ever heard! I hate how he raps sort of at the begging of the song. I hate how he talks about drinking and driving and hate how I have to listen to every day at work multiple times a day! Also the fact that Jason Aldean looks like a deep fried country dirtball doesn’t help this songs case!


    2. CABINS I don’t know if it’s the Cabins themselves that I hate or the people that go to them. I just think there is so much hype involved with going to a cabin it just kind of gets on my nerves especially since I live in the Minnesota! Idk maybe I am jealous…but I highly doubt it!

    3. Plankin & Owlin I don’t know why I hate this one but just look at this picture

    4. Shorts, Nikes, and Long Socks I just think like it’s a dumb trent and people are trying to look like a college rapper. Idk this just really grinds my gears

    5. LMFAO’s PARTY ROCK ERRRRR Day I’m shufflen